Hi, it is an honour to finally meet you

I'm Sandra Wasserman


I believe we have the right to enjoy our lives right here and right now.

Entrepreneurial freedom

I see too many entrepreneurs trading their 9-5 to almost the double.

And I’m sure this was not the reason you quit your job. ​

I want to help you create the freedom you desired in the first place. The reason why you took the leap and became an entrepreneur. 

Freedom to decide about your workday. Freedom to have a flow of clients and money. Freedom to have time for what lights your heart on fire. Freedom to spend time with your loved ones.


“All of the success and money in the world doesn’t mean a thing if you have no time to enjoy it.”

By taking conscious action in your marketing you can empower your business and release time for the things that really matter. Marketing only feels difficult and overwhelming if you’re doing it someone else’s way. 

So many choices and it seems so easy, but yet you feel stuck. I know how it feels. I’ve been there. 

Just the thought of going back to the corporate world made me feel sick. Lonely and in despair but with a strong inner passion and drive.


I launched an online business and thought that people will magically show up.

Oh boy I was wrong.

I had no clue what it actually takes to build a powerful and authentic online presence. 

Fast forward a couple of years.  

Today I’m a certified Digital Marketer (and former Journalist).

My mission is to help likeminded, soul driven spirits to achieve their marketing goals with more ease and joy.

As a Soul Centered Marketing Mentor I help current and aspiring online entrepreneurs to show up in their marketing, greater and more confident than ever before. 

No more sneak-peaking at your competitors and copy-pasting their tactics. 

How would it feel to...

Become magnetic

and naturally start attracting your dream clients?

Save time

and achieve better marketing results without spending a fortune?

Own your field

and have an authentic and irresistible brand?

Imagine having a marketing genie in your back pocket...


My private 1:1 mentoring is uniquely made to give you the full attention you deserve. We dive deep to create a solid foundation for your business, and set you up with the right tools and skillset so you can thrive in your marketing.

3 month program
6 month program

Book a one-on-one call to get hands-on, strategic advise on ways to improve your online visibility. An intense session, custom made to your business and your needs.

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Arrange a group mentoring call with me, and give your team a crash course in marketing. Great for team leaders and network marketers who are looking for tailor-made, strategic and hands-on advice.  

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Private mentoring

3 months

Private mentoring 6 months

Private mentoring

6 months

I see you. You’ve already come a long way.

I don’t want to help you find a way to your customers. I want your customers to find a way TO YOU.


Soul Centered Marketing

Thanks to the mentoring session with Sandra I gained many new and important insights. I received hands-on advice on how to become clearer in my branding, and how to improve the user experience of my website. Although I've been in business for a while I didn't think about these simple, yet efficient tactics myself. Now I know how to tweak my visibility to the next level!
Mentoring testimonial from Patric
Patric Nilsson
Network Marketer & Mentor
I could tell that Sandra really had dived into getting to know me and my business. I’m not the person to think much about numbers, statistics and marketing strategies, so she really felt like the other half I had been missing! The mentoring was a great mixture of hands-on advice, and understanding the bigger picture.
Hanna Jansson
Intuitive Coach
My experience from the mentoring session with Sandra is that she is very knowledgeable. I've never encountered a marketer who truly cared to get to know my business on a deeper level, so that felt very refreshing and rewarding! She has a holistic approach to marketing and I couldn't ask for a better balance between listening, and giving advice.
Testimonial from Rickard
Rickard Ankarsund
Life Coach

Let's meet for a virtual coffee!

Let’s get to know each other better. Who are you and what are you passionate about? What’s your business goal and how can marketing help you excel in your field?