Private Mentoring

3 months

3 months mentoring program

Who is it for?

You’ve had your business for 3+ years.

Your marketing skills are basic to intermediate.

You invest both time and money in your marketing.

You have outsourced work or are planning to do so.

You are ready to EXPAND or SCALE your business.

This program is for YOU if you:

  • Are looking for efficient and low-cost tools to speed up your results (and free up more time!)

  • Want tailor-made to do’s that will help you attract your dream clients.

  • Want to find out what marketing tactics that no longer serve your business and which ones you should be prioritising, starting today.

  • Wish to feel more confident in mastering your own marketing and outsourcing your work.

  • Want to learn new tactics to drive highly-targeted traffic, and increase your sales (without having to spend a fortune!)

  • Want to take inspired and consistent action to make your new vision a reality. 

6 months

6 months mentoring program

Who is it for?

You’ve recently started your business or you’re planning to do so. 

Your marketing skills are basic.

You do most of your marketing yourself.

You are ready to turn your passionate idea to a profitable online business.

This program is for YOU if you:

  • Want tailor-made to do’s on WHAT to do and HOW so that you can take inspired and consistent action in your marketing.

  • Need a better understanding of your market and your competitors to start thriving in your field. 

  • Want custom-made support based on your current needs, budget, size and goals. 

  • Want to stop doubting the way you show up online and become more confident in your branding and message.

  • Learn how to best make use of your current resources to achieve the best possible results starting TODAY.

  • Want to save loads of time, skipping the trial and error game trying to figure things out on your own.

Not sure what program to choose?

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Not ready to commit to a program but wish to get hands-on, custom made advice to excel in your marketing?

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Depending on your business and your goals, you'll get some of the following take-aways from a strategy session:

  • You will get a “health check” of your marketing and find out what’s working for you, and where there’s room for improvement.

  • You will learn cost-efficient ways to drive more traffic, engagement and sales.

  • You will get a list of tools that will save you time, and speed up your results.
  • You will learn how to improve the user experience of your website to make your users stay longer, and actively engage with your content.

  • You will become more confident in ways to drive leads, and transform them to paying customers.

  • You will get a crash course in Instagram and Facebook to level up your online presence. 

Sounds pretty damn amazing, doesn’t it?

No more guesswork and wishful thinking. Just pure alignment, flow and ease.

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