Soul Centered Mentoring

Exclusive 1:1 program

3 months

mentoring program 3 months

You’re ready to CREATE, EXPAND or SCALE your business but you’re not quite sure how to get to the next level.

You love being the master of your creation, making an impact and having the freedom to decide about your time. 

Mastering new skills is why you love being an entrepreneur. You left the corporate world to achieve more with less time.

Your business is your “baby” and you like doing things your way.

But somehow, you’re feeling stuck. Your old marketing tactics no longer seem to take you where you want to be. You constantly feel that you need to “catch up on things” and as much as you love being digital the high-speed technology is stressing you out.

You find it challenging to keep up with the latest marketing tactics, while staying wholeheartedly dedicated to your business.

Does this sound like you?

You’ve come to the right place.

This program is for you if you:

  • Are looking for efficient and low-cost tools to speed up your results (and free up more time!)

  • Want tailor-made to do’s that will help you attract your dream clients

  • Want to find out what marketing tactics that no longer serve your business and which ones you should be prioritising, starting today
  • Wish to feel more confident in mastering your own marketing and outsourcing your work.

  • Want to learn new tactics to drive highly-targeted traffic, and increase your sales (without having to spend a fortune!)

  • Want to take inspired and consistent action to make your new vision a reality. 

Who are you?

You’ve had your business for 3+ years.

Your marketing skills are basic to intermediate.

You invest both time and money in your marketing.

You have outsourced work or are planning to do so.

You are ready to EXPAND or SCALE your business.

Is this not you? Check out my 6 month mentoring program or book an individual strategy session

Make your business your priority. Treat yourself like a client.

Your business is going quite well and you have a steady stream of clients, BUT they are not really the clients you truly wish to work with. 

The amount of marketing tools you “should” be using overwhelm you. You’re not sure which ones are actually worth your money. Maybe you’ve invested in ads but ended up spending way more than you got in return.

You are basically TIRED OF THE BULLSHIT and you’re looking for SMART ways to level up your marketing, without feeling salesy and time pressured.

You feel most marketers just want to earn money and that they don’t really care about understanding your core business.  

You’re only interested in highly-efficient tactics, custom-made to YOUR individual needs. You are ready to step up your marketing game and take your business to the next level.

Testimonial from Rickard
Rickard Ankarsund • Life Coach

Sandra managed to read into my needs and provide me with the tailor-made know-how I had been missing.

She is a truly genuine person with the ability to explain things very clearly.

I felt her mentoring was perfectly aligned with where I stand in my business. Her hands-on advise was custom-made to my individual needs, and she was taking my current resources into consideration – something I find very rare among traditional marketers. 

Thanks to our mentoring I gained clarity about my branding and new ways to engage with my target audience. 

I see how having a clear audience definition really can help me attract clients who value my offers, and are willing to pay for my coaching services. I have a big vision for my business and I can see how her mentoring is directly crucial in my ability to reach my goals. 

This is what YOU get

3 months of 1:1 mentoring with me

3 mentoring calls a month + Voxer support

Unlimited feedback on materials

Custom made worksheets and resources

Imagine a reality where…

You wake up every day feeling light and joyful. Your marketing is running FOR YOU and you have a system in place that saves you precious time (and money).

You feel calm and supported because you know you’ve got things under control. You know exactly WHAT marketing tactics to focus on to make your new vision a reality!

Your engagement has reached another level and you’re owning your brand like never before. Now you’re effortlessly attracting high-value clients who are aligned with your core values.

Sounds pretty damn amazing, doesn’t it?

This program is uniquely made for you if you want to show up in your marketing with more ease and joy.

It helps you prioritise your time and only invest in what brings you your desired results RIGHT NOW.

Money comes and goes but time is non-refundable.

What would it mean for your business if you showed up for yourself, and started valuing your own self-promotion as much as you value your client work?

Haven't hit the 'Sign up' button yet but still reading? I get it.

I understand that this mentoring program is an investment, and that it can feel like something you “can’t afford” or grant yourself.

I felt the same first time I hired professional support in my business. That was for a long-term coaching program and the financial investment freaked me out. I had no clue what to expect I just knew that I had to do it. I trusted my intuition (and not my mind who was trying to keep me in my comfort zone) because I WAS READY to grow and transform my life in a positive direction.

As soon as I invested in myself and my business, things started to naturally flow, with more ease and joy. It inspired me to show up in my authentic self and serve others from my heart.

I invite you to trust your intuition too.

I would like you to ask yourself, how would it feel for you to take on this opportunity? What would it mean for you and your business to do this investment? 

Also ask yourself what it would mean for you and your business to NOT take on this opportunity and keep doing things the same old way?  

You will never feel 100% ready. We never are.

So, what’s the point of waiting love?


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